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Monday, February 9, 2009

Take this Job and Ship it - by Senator Byron Dorgan

There are reasons U.S. manufacturing jobs are being sent to China ... and they are not good ones.

If you're not angry about America losing good manufacturing jobs to Asia and other countries, you will be after reading North Dakota Senator Byron L. Dorgan's book about the outsourcing of American jobs to sweatshops in foreign countries.

Take this Job and Ship It: How Corporate Greed and Brain-Dead Politics Are Selling Out America,
published in 2006, examines how average Americans have been kicked out of their jobs, and how the United States is being cheated out of tax revenue by corporations and certain politicians, who are working together to squelch the American middle class for their own financial gain.

In the book, the distinguished Senator discusses trade surpluses, trade deficits, how U.S. manufacturing jobs are being converted to slave labor in China for 20 cents an hour, and how corporations hide their profits in phony tax havens in the Caymen Islands.

With all the warnings about protectionism and populism that are hurled at us by "conservatives," and those who are afraid to stand up to big business (or who profit from it), this book proves we must be loyal to our own country and our own products. There is nothing WRONG with buying American products.

Check out the book at your local library or buy it at your local bookstore or online. It is well worth the price of admission.

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  1. Kenda,

    Thanks for bringing this book to my attention. It sounds like a must read.