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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

AEGIS Bikes: Made in the USA Still Matters

I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike ...

With more people trying to leave less of a carbon footprint, the rising price of gas, our desire to not be dependent on foreign oil, and the fact biking is a great sport and offers terrific health benefits, bikes are more popular than ever. That's why I decided to feature a US bicycle company. During my research I found a few companies that assembled bikes in the US but were owned by other countries. This gives workers jobs but it doesn't keep the money in the US. (For example, Murray bikes are assembled in the US but the company is in Great Britain.) Most bikes are made in China/Taiwan.

One company that proudly declared Made in USA on its website and really stood out was AEGIS handmade carbon fiber bikes. The motto that caught my eye: At AEGIS we believe Made in the USA still matters.

AEGIS bikes aren't cheap, but they are top-notch, and made by a company in Van Buren, Maine, who employ skilled and dedicated craftspeople. The company has been making carbon fiber bicycles since 1986 and are the oldest carbon frame maker in the country.

While most of the AEGIS bike models are made for competitive triathletes, a few of the bikes can be adapted to everyday fun and fitness. Because these bikes are built to last, it could be the last bike you ever buy. Their slogan: Built to Last as Long as You

What makes an AEGIS better than a Foreign-made Bike?
While the company's patented technique is being duplicated by many traditional "metal" U.S. and international frame builders in Taiwanese and Chinese factories, these companies are using less and less carbon and creating bikes that ride like aluminum.

Pete, the owner of AEGIS, says if you're going to spend the money on a carbon bike, buy one that's going to give you the best ride and the ability to turn your pedal strokes into forward motion.

"Our frames are still made in the USA, in Maine, and that will never change," Pete adds.

Read the complete story of AEGIS and find out where to buy a bike at


  1. What a great post. I will remember this company when we buy our 5-year-old her next bike, a 20" model in the next year or two. Thanks for your research, Kenda!

  2. Maybe Mrs. Davis has high expectations for her little girl. ;-)